Emergency Horse Transportation

BWD Equine Services is always available to provide emergency transportation services for your horse. In the event that you require our emergency services, please call us at 905-751-4625. If your call is outside of regular business hours, there will be an emergency contact number on our voicemail. Please call them to make arrangements for transporting your horse to the appropriate equine hospital. Please note that emergency transportation requires direct transportation and is often outside of regular business hours, so the prices will reflect that. Owners will be liable for any damages to the trailer caused by horses during emergency transportation. Payment for emergency runs is due upon pick up of the horse. 


All of our drivers are certified having completed a Large Animal Rescue Course in the event that these services are required during transportation. They are also highly trained with regards to the welfare of horses during transportation. Educating our drivers in best practices is one of our top priorities. They are very aware of the needs of horses during transportation,  fitness for transportation, proper loading and unloading techniques, proper trailer configuration, risk management, biosecurity and emergency response. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.