Private Charters

Does your stable need to ship a group of horses and equipment to a show? Does it take 4 trips back and forth to get everyone and everything where it needs to be? Try using B.W.D. Equine Services as your commercial horse transportation company and save yourself both time and money. 

Booking for a special event/show, or a private haul, allows us the opportunity to work more closely with our clients and their horses' needs for shipping. With this sort of booking, we can accommodate specific timing for loading and unloading, direct routes from point A to B, and offer more competitive rates for large groups. Please send us an email with your dates, locations, and the number of horses you need to transport. We can then design a plan to suit your needs!

By Phone

Prefer to discuss your needs via phone? You can contact us during business hours between Monday and Friday at 905-751-4625. If you cannot reach us during these hours, please leave us a message with a good time to return your call and we will make arrangements to be available after hours.

Call 905-751-4625 to receive a no obligation quote.