B.W.D. Equine Services Ltd is based in Uxbridge Ontario. Most of our regular shipping occurs in the Greater Toronto Area, with regular service to the Collingwood, London, and Ottawa areas. We can always accommodate locations along those routes as well. Our shipping rates reflect that our starting location is in Uxbridge Ontario, so our rates will vary based on the distance we need to travel for a pick up. 

Shipping may be booked as part of a coload, or as a private haul. The difference between the two types of transportation is that private hauls guarantee your horse goes direct from your pick up to your drop off. With co loads, horses are collected and dropped off at various points throughout the trip. Private hauls are traditionally more expensive than co load shipping. 

At B.W.D. Equine Services, we charge for horse transport based on an hourly running rate. Please contact us today to discuss your specific your horse transportation needs. 


During transportation, your horse may travel in a box stall, a double wide standing stall, or a regular standing stall. Pricing varies based on the type of stall you require. If you wish your horse to have hay for the trip, please provide an appropriately filled hay net or hay bag. As a rule, each horse booked may also bring along one regular size tack trunk. We are usually able to transport other equipment, but there is an added fee for the space it takes up. The trailer will under no circumstances be loaded with equipment to a point where the safety of the horses is not the top priority.


Professionally licensed drivers are limited in the number of hours they may drive without taking some off duty time. Should your transportation be scheduled to take more than the legal number of hours of driving, we simply send a second driver along. Team driving is the safest and most efficient way to ensure your horse arrives in a reasonable amount of time. 

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